Daniel Philip

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Daniel Philip Vanderkruk

Daniel Philip Vanderkruk is a young entrepreneur, world traveller, and an E-commerce marketing speaker.

 He was born on October 31st, 1996 in Burlington, Ontario Canada.  When he was 1 years old he moved to Jamaica with his family and spent most of his childhood growing up there. 

Daniel fell in love with traveling and experiencing new cultures early on which brought him to travel over 25 countries 

 To hear more about Daniel,  View or listen to some of the podcast he has apeard on. 

"A goal without a plan to reach it is just a dream, but a plan without action is a glorified dream"


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Coming soon:

- Podcast ​​
- Vlog​
Building teams and communities 

"Planting the seed of an idea and vision and helping it grow is what drives my ambitions and fuels my passions.  I'm truly in love with the process.   I am greatly blessed to have many opportunities to work with amazing talented persons and startups.  The future only excites me."


Atlas Creative group


Founder and CEO

Speaking & Meeting

Upcoming events

May 8 - 10 Shopify Unite, Toronto 
May 24 Shopify Networking, Miami

May 27 Shopify Dev, Munchin

June 7 Shopify, Madrid 
June 8 Pixel Pioneer, Bristol
July 9 - 11 MozCon, Seattle

Documenting the journey
Stories through video

Follow Dainel's weekly vlog to see what he has been up to.

Angel Fund

Are you an entrepreneur looking for financial support to help with your idea or business growth?  Daniel and a few other business owners run a small angel fund that helps empower budding entrepreneurs around the world. 



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